How do The HoN Store Tattoo Designs work?

Our online tattoo designs are custom pieces of art created by our HoN artists and ready to be booked online without a consultation appointment! We have made our designs available online to reduce wait times and to make it easier for clients to book appointments!


How do I book a session for my claimed tattoo design?

Once a deposit is paid and we receive your order, our team will contact you by phone or email to book your appointment, discuss the details about the design and to answer any questions you may have!


Is the deposit the final cost of the tattoo?

The deposit is not the final cost of your tattoo design! Just as with regular in-studio appointments, the deposit is just the amount required to reserve your appointment with the artist. The deposit will go towards the total price of the tattoo.


Why are some prices shown as “starting at” or ‘from’?

Many of our tattoo designs can be tattooed in varying sizes. As such, we list the price for the smallest available size of the design. The larger the design, the more it will cost.

The price range for each design will give you an idea of what the final price is and will be discussed in detail after the purchase when we contact you to book your appointment.


Where will my tattoo session take place?

For every tattoo design, the location of the artist is listed. We have 2 locations, one in North York and one in Markham. Tattoos will take place at either of these locations, depending on which studio the artist works out of!


Are tattoo designs deposits final sale?

Yes. All deposits are final sale!


Does my tattoo design ever expire once I purchase it?

No! Once you choose a tattoo and put a deposit towards that tattoo design, the design is considered claimed by you and can be used at anytime to schedule a booking with the artist.


What’s the minimum age needed to purchase a Tattoo Design?

You need to be 18+ to purchase and book a tattoo design. If not, we will need parental consent for persons under 18. Please contact us or give us a call if you are under 18 and would like to claim a design with your parent’s permission!


Can I give a tattoo design as a gift?

Yes you can! Just make sure to let us know who the recipient of the gift is when we contact you after purchasing.